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mandydaxicons's Journal

Icons by MandyDax
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Remember: fandom_counts

Most of my original icons are viewable here. The previews of the animated ones are static. Those are marked as (anigif). Click on the preview to see the animation.

Also, if you're just browsing the gallery, make sure it's not marked as someone's for-special. Some of my work is made for a specific person. I do requests if I have the time. ~_^

Please comment if you're taking any. If you're taking from the gallery, comment on any of the entries here at mandydaxicons, and let me know which ones, please. I accept constructive criticism and lavish praise.

Please credit mandydax or mandydaxicons in the comments if you're going to use any of these.

How to credit a userpic:
It's as easy as that. ^_^

mandydax uses:
The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), a free, open-source graphic editing program, in lieu of PSP.
angelamaria's Icon Table Generator @ Bauble to create the icon tables.
dafont.com for many of the fonts.
Scrapbook at LJ to store, tag, and galleryise images.
Special thanks to kaowyn of secretly_obsess for making these Tutorials.
I learned a lot while stumbling around the GIMP trying to replicate the effects described by pixel_876 in the "Postage Stamp Tutorial." My result is here.

mandydax is a member of iconaddicts, adopt_me, and dancing_icons, and the icontest communities dr_icontest, torchwood_lims, and doctorwholims.

Third place, Week 2, dr_icontestSecond place, Week 4, dr_icontest

Mod's Choice, Challenge 34, dw-stillness

Best Use of Colour, Challenge 19, tenant_stills

Second Place, Challenge 15, tenanticontestBest Use of Text, Challenge 16, tenanticontestSecond Place, Challenge 22, tenanticontest